New piece in vis/res!

I'm so excited that the new issue of vis/res is out! I saw the first issue featured on notcot and was really into it. Issue 1 sold out really quick, so make sure you get your copy of issue 2 before it's gone! Craig Matchett is the captain of this ship and a generally awesome dude. I would seriously recommend trying to get into issue 3 ;) Craig gave me the brief at the beginning of January, with the theme being connectivity, virtual/real worlds, how our generation's identity is so reliant upon the internet, etc. Great thinking behind it, for sure. I really latched onto it and got to thinking about how our culture is a type of "non-culture." No one thing is really in fashion in any area (fashion, art, lifestyle,etc.) and I think that the internet has a huge role in this. For this piece I was really looking at how most generations before us can be labeled or defined pretty easily, like the Jazz Age of the 20s, the refined 50s, the sexual revolutionary 70s, etc. So this piece is an attempt to define our generation. Which, I also believe, is kind of impossible.



Just a little doodle :P


PROCESS: Screenprinting "Flesh is Flesh"

I've been really enjoying screenprinting and have been able to use it for my thesis as well! I designed this print to be 3 colors but it ended up being 5. I haven't quite finished the print, but here are some shots from my late night print run last week. I ran into a good number of problems that I needed to trouble shoot this time around. The ink was drying in my screen, not coming through in spots, not the right color, etc. but in the end I had a few solid prints. My ceramics teacher has a good theory about why skills we are learning come so easily one week and then are almost impossible the next. She says that new skills need a week to go from short-term memory to long-term memory. So whenever things like this happen I just brush it off with the confidence that the next time I try things will be in my long-term memory and I'll be much better!


Welcome, Tilo!

A little drawing I did to welcome the very cute Tilo Red Eisenberg into the world! His wonderful mommy is Tina Roth Eisenberg, a.k.a. swiss miss. Here's wishing Tilo and his family a very happy life together!


two really awesome pieces by John Gilman

If you're in Baltimore you should definitely check out the two new pieces by John Gilman in the MAT Thesis Exhibition on the 3rd floor of Fox. John's a great artist, even better friend, and fellow SE Pennsylvanian, not to mention an excellent painter and craftsman. He cut and constructed these monstrous shapes completely by hand (no power tools) and it shows how much effort went into these guys. John explained that so much of what they deal with is man's desire to impose structure upon himself, especially in mythology, both Greek and Norse. The hexagonal shape is titled Protagonus, and the star is Midgard. Great stuff, John! Check out the show between February 19th and March 9th.


I made a new piece for the second issue of a publication called vis/res which will be released sometime next week. Watch this space! I'll post the new guy when the new issue is ready.


It's Little Ricky! And he's swimming.

Blogspot Shmogspot

...giving Blogspot/Blogger another try. Figured out some things that will make this go much much better!