We're Moving!

We're putting Winston and Macy in their crates, packing up our Sight Glass and Four Barrel coffee and heading back East! Look for us in New York City come February first, 2012.



Well, isn't this is a cool advertisement for Anthropologie San Francisco's super sweet personal shoppers?


Lettering Samples

Just some sample lettering, playing around with different ideas


Vend Send Mend

A very little gouache drawing for Vend Send Mend. Will be sold for Japan relief!


Amos Tour Poster Illustrations

I was asked to quickly create two illustrations in the style of the Mission Bell cover for Amos Lee's new tour posters. Keep your eyes out at your local venues and see if you can catch an image of the final design!


strawberry jam

A little sum'pn sum'pn based off of Animal Collective's Strawberry Jam

More engagement lettering

Drew up some fun lettering on a chalkboard we built together for our engagement shoot! Just a couple shots. Drawing in chalk is awesome because it's so easy to erase and get the curves just right. Photos are by Lisa Teso!


We're Gettin' Hitched!

Woohoo! We're totally engaged. Plans are slowly forming, but we are aiming for Fall of 2012 in Pennsylvania! We took some engagement photos with the lovely Lisa Teso, and you can see a sneak peek here! I've been collecting inspiration images over at my secret wedding blog, Rough Cut. Take a look :D



A really rough, really quick little something for all the moms out there this Mother's Day.



So sick of seeing parodies of the classic British war-time poster being sold to suckers on Etsy who don't know any better.



Just a quick little monogram I drew up because my EightShit Twitter icon was freaking out my followers. Now I'm a part of the Big Boy's Monogram Twitter Icon Club like all the cool kids 8|



Looking forward to working some really quick lettering gigs while being hung up on some larger, seemingly endless projects. Things like this come really easily for me and are also very gratifying.

James from Outliar contacted me through Niv for some quick lettering for their new release, and I was more than happy to do this job. Keep your eyes out for this awesome new band's release!


sketchy doo

Quick sketch of Winston (from life) in Adobe Ideas on the iPad. Really digging this app as a sketching/brainstorming tool.



My lovely friends/colleagues and I created this killer promo just in time for Valentine's day! Pick one up and send some sweetness to your lovies here in my Etsy shop. This is the first of what will hopefully be many successful group promos, so keep your eyes out!

EDIT: As of three am this morning the Crushin' Valentines have sold out! Thank you! Missed out? You can still grab a 5x7" print of my "Lovin' You" piece from the set here!