GREETINGS. Yes, I live in Brooklyn now. Yes, it's definitely my kind of city. I've got a postcard thing going on now,so keep your eyes for more location-specific lettering. This guy is a Frankenstein-version of an original drawing sent to my dear Suzi Slavik in San Francisco.



My latest project is a collaboration with Tattly and Studiomates in Brooklyn. We worked together to create this awesome tee for United Pixel Workers. Pre-order it here! It also comes with a cute Tattly that I designed!


Damn Fine Coffee!

I'm super stoked for the upcoming Twin Peaks inspired zine "Damn Fine Coffee!" being organized by Andrea Kalfas. It's going to be released at SPX this year and may be available for sale online as well. I'll post the links as they come! In the mean time, check out two of the four pieces I contributed above.