Native Appropriations

My drawing (above) has made its rounds around the interwebs for various bizarre reasons. But really, who doesn't love making fun of hipsters? It's also been featured on the very cool blog, Native Appropriations, in a post hilariously titled The Strange Case of the Hipster Headdress. Adrienne makes a great point of showing hipsters who wear the fashions almost accidentally, on purpose but with no reason, and then also with feminist purposes. My big problem with the whole thing is that dressing like a "native" is as much as a novelty as wearing those Kanye "sun"glasses. Go irony?


Feel Good

A little drawing for Heather! That's Indy on the left and Macy Gray on the right.


Runaways final

Here's the final for my Runaways editorial! She's wearing Rodarte boots.


Runaways Editorial Sketches

Here are a couple of sketches for a Life Style assignment. Everyone was given a movie that is supposed to come out this year and the job to create a high fashion editorial spread based on the film. Dan Krall gave me "The Runaways," the movie with Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning about the all-girl teen rock group. At first I was like "ugh," then DKralls said to draw a muscle car and I was like "STOKED." Totally didn't realize just how much I actually enjoy 70s girl punk until this assignment.
The car in the top piece is a 1974 AMC Gremlin and the grill she's leaning up on in the crotchtacular piece is from a 1972 Javelin, one of my favorite cars ever. Dan chose the first one, so keep your eyes out in the next few days for the final!


flesh is flesh

New poster/print/illustration! I still don't really know what to call them yet. But they are big (15x22") and graphic and fun. This series is really taking shape. Keep your eyes out for a new one in the next few days!