Screen Printed Business Cards

So I caved and went with GotPrint. After much pressure from my peers I left my tried and true overnightprints.com. I have no idea how these cards will turn out, though, so I decided to do a run of handmade cards. I found a whole ton of scraps in the print shop (someone had cut off the bottom two inches of some forty pieces of paper) with a deckled edge so I designed the card to that. The paper is cut to 4.25" wide, so they are .75" longer than standard cards. The fancy run has five colors on the front and one color on the back, the more basic run has two colors on the front and one color on the back in two version (silver/black and teal/black).

I love how these turned out! I had to print these ONE BY ONE. Next time I'm definitely pulling a whole sheet of cards and THEN cutting them!


  1. love the rough bottom edge. unique.

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